Saturday Snicker: Bubba Teef

My little wonder dog with Bubba Teef!

Over the years, we’ve had some teeth scares with Rugby.  When he’s in a very agitated state, and he’s grabbing a piggie and grunting it hard on the floor, he uses more force than he realizes.  A few years ago, he knocked out a top front tooth and knocked two others loose at the same time.  Over time, the loose ones reattached themselves, but they’re crooked now, giving him a silly grin.

Last days in old home & new home 001
You can see the small growth on his gum.

About a year ago, I noticed a small growth that was growing between Rugby’s bottom front teeth.  I didn’t think much of it at the time, but after a few months, his bottom teeth were starting to move out of place as the growth got bigger.  I mentioned it to his vet at his annual exam, and she was quite concerned that it was cancer, so she performed surgery and removed the growth and four of his bottom front teeth in the process.  Thankfully, the biopsy was negative, and I was left with the joy of knowing my boy was cancer free!!  Rugby, for his part of things, has true “Bubba Teef” and we may be forced to live in Tennessee forever!



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