Friday Fun: Photo Shoots

Here’s a fun idea for you to try this weekend!  Have you ever just done your own photo shoot with your dog as the star of the session?  Because Rugby doesn’t cope with change, I don’t have the luxury of using a professional photographer.  My little speckled dogger would never cooperate or cope.  So instead of feeling sad that he can’t have beautiful commercial photos done, I set out to do my very own little photo session with him.  It was so much fun, and he was so easy to work with!!  I’ve done a few with him, and they’ve all been great fun, and I’ve loved the results!

Rugby and I have participated in some online dog auctions which have benefited dogs who needed expensive medical treatment that their owners simply couldn’t afford.  Rugby has auctioned off a “trained” polka dottie piggie, and we have sent along one of these photos to the winner with their little piggie!

Piggie auction items 006 Piggie auction items 010

Transfer from Galaxy SIII 200

Rugby is not a dog who likes to wear goofy outfits, so I try to use props to “decorate” or set the scene around him. That way, he can stay comfortable and more relaxed to participate and have fun with me.  You can come up with your own theme to match the seasons or to celebrate a holiday.  Look around your home for odds and ends that will be cute in a photo, and get creative!  Lots of things will work.  You can also make a trip to your local “Dollar Store” and pick up cute things that are inexpensive and fun props.  Think of colors and textures that will make your photo more interesting.

125 (2)
Beach Party Theme
127 (2)
Girly Girl or Princess Theme
128 (2)
Independence Day Theme

The following photo was a concept photo I did for a very special post.  I wanted to bring awareness to training dogs rather than recyling them through the shelter/rescue system.  It was done in my backyard, against the side of my house.  I just picked up some obvious things we were recyling, and squeezed Rugby in the middle in a small spot that just fit him. I knew his coloring would melt into the background of the house, so I stuck the pan to a firepit behind him to frame him, and the bright rust color makes the star “pop” right out of the photo!

One of these things is not like the others. Please don’t recycle your dog.

You can make things as elaborate or as simple as you like.  The idea is to just give it a try, and see how much fun you can have creating a beautiful photo that will have wonderful memories of time spent with your furry friend!  Post your photos in the comments!!  I’d love to see your work and meet your dogs!



    • Sally says

      Hmmm....Sarah!! I hadn't ever thought of that, but it might be fun to explore that idea!! I'm not a very good photographer, but it might be a fun fund raiser to do in support of a dog cause or rescue! Thanks for your vote of support!! Belly rubs to Marley! 😀


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